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    Hi, everybody, my name is Gavin Fan, I came from Shenzhen, China. Glad to be a member of this forum, I think I am lucky to read one article from Allen to know this forum. Thanks, Allen.

    Shenzhen is famous as an electronic products manufacturing center in China, even in the world. I am now running a mobile phones online shop: http://www.mobiles-store.com, where I sell China brands mobile phones. It was built up in the end of October, 2013. I am now still spending some time on its promotion, and I want to learn more skills to make the promotion powerful soon.

    I have some problems about my website, I need your help and advice. The problem is the PR of my website is growing very slowly, and recently the website google indexes are declining day by day. I used Hitleap, 10k Hits, Linkcollider to exchange traffic for nearly one month. And one week ago, I used No Hands SEO tools (trial version for 7 days)  to get backlinks. I posted few news articles in my blog recently. Above is mainly what I did recently.

    Any advice from you will be grateful. Thanks.


    Welcome @Gavin. nice site. you might want to change the font though. it doesn’t look very appealing 🙂


    Hey @Gavin,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your site  looks cool. I suggest you shouldn’t focus much on Page rank. Instead should invest in proper SEO and should avoid creating backlinks Inconsistently.

    Google decides which website will show up on top of their search results depending on which websites gets the most backlinks.

    The problem is that marketers began to take advantage of this by creating massive amount of spam links to their sites to exploit this loophole.

    Eventually Google decided that they would only count votes from trustworthy websites.

    Hence, Natural backlinking strategy is really crucial.

    Hope this helps.




    Thank you for your advice, cezar.


    Hi, nanohits, thank you for your help, I will improve my skills to use the right way to get backlinks.


    Welcome to the group Gavin.  One of the things I noticed about your site, the domain name is http://www.mobiles-store.com/ but on the site it says welcome to deal express.   That is a mismatch to me.  Your optin is below the fold…meaning they have to scroll down to optin to your site…it should be above the fold…in the upper right hand area.  Also what are they subscribing to with this email optin?



    Thank you, Jerome. I will make some change according to your advice. The emai optin is used for getting new products and sales information.


    Hey Gavin,

    How’s it going? Nice site. I don’t have much to share as I am starting out exploring the internet marketing world. I would love to know where do you get your products? dropship or you have connections on suppliers/manufacturers? PM me if you got some time to spare. let’s chat.

    Welcome to the Site/Forum. All that you need to expand your business. It’s all here. friendly and helpful peeps!




    Hey, Benjie

    Thank you for your comment.

    All the smartphones brands sold in our store are from Shenzhen. We have connections on manufacturers.

    If you are interested in those products, you can send me email: gavin9199@gmail.com, or contact me via skype: gavin9199.







    Then you need to put that somewhere above the optin form.  Remember if you want someone to sign up for your list you have to give them a reason to!  Just putting an optin box wont do.  I know I wouldnt put my email address in a blank box. Most people wont either.

    Thank you, Jerome. I will make some change according to your advice. The emai optin is used for getting new products and sales information.

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