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    At first, I wasn’t going to do a public journal of my 30 Day Challenge for a couple reasons. One, because I knew that it would take me far more than 30 Days – I am a mother of a 9 month old and have a client who’s blog I write and social media I manage. The other reason for my hesitation on this journal is I didn’t think it would be very interesting to others.

    Now that I have gotten through the first few days (sorta), I am seeing that I need oodles of help. Surfing around the threads on our forums here at IMPho, I have noticed that there is crazy knowledge coursing throughout this site. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have some of you boost me up, cheer me on and lend your wisdom. And so, here I am writing a public journal…

    So far, I have decided to cut my teeth on the video marketing niche. However, I am not sure how to narrow that down. My understanding is that videos are starting to drive traffic with a reckoning force. Every business should be using videos as part of their marketing campaigns, is my guess. Am I thinking in the right direction when I ask, should my website target marketing professionals or a specific industry, i.e. interior designers or pawn shops or yoga studios??

    I have 5 affiliate links for video marketing software and video website building. Contrary to the advice of the  Challenge, their prices only range from $9.99 to $75.00. I am having difficulty getting the green light from vendors of the higher ticket items.

    Already, I am a little stuck…as I began creating the settings for my autoresponders I realized that I want a .com email address (versus gmail or hotmail) and of course, I’m going to need a website/domain. So then I referred to the forum here and searched, “free domains.” Wow. Y’all have some opinions about that! Even after reading what people had to say in those threads, I am still not sure what would be best for me. Free domain or paid? Which company would be best for someone like me who knows nothing? All I know how to do is write somewhat amusing content and click on things. My knowledge is crudely basic here and I am sure to make a whole buncha mistakes. There is hope, I may be slow to learn, but once I get something, I run with it and am eager to share it with others.

    I have read days 4 & 5 till I’m cross-eyed. Day 5 has me a little intimidated, so I have gone back to the sales pages of my vendors to get more familiar with the products. I have also been surfing around on YouTube to see what kind of industries are catching on to the marketing power of video.

    About two weeks ago I started the 30 Day Challenge and I still have yet to complete the tasks of day #4. Lucky for me, I’m a stubborn momma. I can do this! (Right?)


    @SpunkyT – In order to have control over your content, pages and files you need to use a hosted, domain site. Personally, nowadays I buy domains from Namecheap.com and hosting from Stablehost.com. After you’ve bought a domain,  you’ll need to access the control panel on Namecheap and change nameservers to point the domain to the hosting server. That’s it. Everything else you’ll be doing from this point on, will be on the hosting side. If you don’t know how to change nameservers or other things like FTP and cPanel, you should check out the training videos in the WP & Tech section. Btw, if you’ll have any questions or need anything along the way, feel free to get in touch with me.

    Good luck with your journey and be sure to keep us posted! 🙂


    Don’t worry about how long it takes as each person’s journey is different.  Getting it all done in 30 days is an ideal, but most people won’t fit that ideal because of things going on in their lives.  Also, don’t worry if your journaling seems boring.  First, it’s likely not to be boring to the rest of us.  Second, even if no one reads it, writing things down is a great way to hold yourself accountable and to motivate yourself.


    Personal Journeys is my favorite section and it is one of the most interesting thing for me here… i would really like more people posting their journals more often …


    Yes, it’s good reading about other peoples personal journeys. I particularly like the ‘bumpy’ in the thread topic because it describes my own personal journey. No one told me it would be this hard and I have really experienced the bumpy part of it. The good thing is that I’ve actually learnt many things the hard way and I now know what not to waste my time on.

    @SpunkyT, cheer up. It only gets better so don’t give up!


    Yes you can do it! Just take things one at a time and you will be where you want before you know it. Too often, we get distracted, and overwhelmed at all the things we have to do. Then, we get discouraged and don’t take any action. (this includes me)

    I like to use what Tony Robbins calls “chunking”. Basically, you break and group things down into small bite size chunks and clusters where your brain can make sense of it all. This way, you only see this chunk first, the next chunk 2nd, so you don’t get overwhelmed too easily.

    Here’s the blog post from the man himself as well!


    You can do it! Everybody’s journey doesn’t have to be done at 30 days, especially when they have other things going on in their lives. You have a baby. Don’t worry if it takes you longer than 30 days, you will get there.


    @SpunkyT Hi there! There is simply no reason for you not to achieve your goals! I understand your busy lifestyle. At the same time, you could always spend 30 mins a day doing something to your website, or dedicate it to learn something from the training. I’m here to give my support to you! 🙂


    SpunkyT: I’m glad you decided to go public on your personal journey. Regardless of how things panned out for you on your 30-day challenge, you started, you tried, you shared. That in itself is an inspiration.


    I think that Tony Robbins video is perfect because too many times we limit ourselves from what we can really achieve. We tend to get overwhelmed because we think we have to know every step of the way first. I have a great line for this problem.

    “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.- Lao Tzu”

    We cannot see all the steps that need to be taken to complete a long journey, but it really does begin with one step. Then another, and another, and another, until we can get to the final destination. But there are plenty of milestones and achievements along the way to keep us motivated!


    A great big thank you for all the encouragement! You guys are great. *cyber hugs*

    I had to be away for several weeks and now I’m back. Although, I am finding myself frozen again. I am overwhelmed by how much I have to learn and by jargon.

    The first product I want to affiliate (did I use that word properly here?) is IMPho. But I don’t know how to get an email list of potentially interested parties without a website or blog. Then, once I have a site, I have to drive traffic to that site? Ack. I’ll come back to this avenue in just a sec.

    I had an AWeber account and had to cancel until I have more things in place. It was a shame to pay for a service I wasn’t using. BTW, I found AWeber’s customer service to be A+; off the charts even – much like here, so I am eager to get back with them once I am ready.

    In the meantime, I have been inspired by the idea of using review sites for income. Of course, there is a learning curve here too – that is, if I want to do it from scratch. I came across something where this guy trains people to do just that with Ebay & Amazon. Only, it requires a $20 monthly membership. If anyone has a few minutes to look at this link, I would appreciate their thoughts: http://theunittakeover.com/lp4.php?user=zahrahajja. One of the top contributing members here, I have seen say before, “Be a seller, not a buyer,” and I want to be careful not to fall into that trap – because I can all too easily. At the same time, I don’t want to miss out on opportunity. I need some small success to help build some enthusiasm.

    On to building my site/product/niche….

    As a recently grounded free-bird turned momma, I am inspired to direct my energy to other moms who want to work from home, particularly in the IM world. I have a big picture and an even bigger product in mind that will require at least a year of building. But for now I was thinking of capitalizing on my writing experience and keeping a blog that almost reads like a story about how a committed non-breeder and traveling free-bird-performance artist became a work from home mom. Since I can’t write anything authoritative about IM, I would rather fall back on what I do know – which ain’t much. All I do know for now are some sites for writing gigs (that either require too much time for proposals or underpay) and I know that this place, IMPHo, is the real deal. I would use facebook and twitter and perhaps youtube to drive traffic…(?) and get my email list started that way. Oof. Seems like this would take a long time.

    Am I on the right track? Am I over-complicating things? I would love to especially hear from some of you heavy hitters like @misshang, @topblog, @gestroud, @rcborkert and of course @Allen. Anybody got a lil fire they could put under my a$$?

    Thanks for reading! To be continued…


    Working on figuring a domain name. It feels like a big commitment. Like saying, “yes,” to a long term relationship.


    lol…it may or may not be a long term relationship. You may end up selling the domain.  it all depends on your purposes.  When I am flipping domains I am looking for domains that are niche specific because I know they will sell!




    My domain and I haven’t even had a first date, you’re already talking about getting rid of it?

    Oh nooo, I may be getting a little too attached to my first project already.

    Your response, @snginc, made me realize that i may want to focus my niche even more specifically and perhaps my current plan could be a little too personal. Either that or I am just over-thinking. Again.

    Thanks for your help, Jerome.



    Its all about what the end goal is.  I have a few domains that I will continue to use and keep and there are others that I buy with the sole purpose of flipping them for a profit.

    Remember keep it simple…it stops over thinking in it’s tracks.


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