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If a program is good, members will stick around. Period. People can SAY their site is the best. And how valuable it is – but where is the actual proof? Here are some actual unedited screenshots and reviews from members who are raving about IMPho – and saying why you MUST join the family…


This Is An ASTONISHING Membership! 5

As you all know, the internet marketing arena is the hometown of hyperbole and the landing page for over the top exaggeration and audacious self-trumpeting. So it behooves all of us to approach any IM product which claims to be pure gold and to have everything but the kitchen sink in it with considerable caution and hand firmly on wallet.

That said… this is an ASTONISHING membership that really does live up to the accolades of the other reviews and testimonials before me. I personally am a sucker for fancy all-in-one memberships that go from A to Z, so unfortunately i really do know what many of the Gurus have inside their offers.

I’m happy to say that Jeff’s is different and better. not only is the scope and variety inside Jeff’s membership impressive and more or less cosmic, the WAY in which he presents the information is super-ninja.

So rather than the broad formless painting of incomplete strokes so beloved of the big Guru manipulators, Jeff nails each how to make money topic with rapid fire bullets that hit the mark and spell everything out with nothing extra. Jeff is an excellent trainer and his approach prevents you from going into information overload (the usual symptom from a big IM membership, at least for me). he delivers difficult information ranging from newbie to intermediate to advanced IM with a kind of effortless and extraordinary clarity that makes me humbled and jealous.

So even though this offer is more expensive than the usual — the value is absolutely and positively there. obviously, if you cant afford it, then dont get it.. but if you have the dough, please do not hesitate. it really is that good.

Jeff’s clarity and teaching and training ability is as good as anybody in the business. When you go through one of his mini-trainings on how to make a day, you end up with a COMPLETE system, including all the resources you need.

In sum, this is how big IM training memberships should be done. Allen has set the bar for everybody else who wants to teach IM, included the Biggest Dogs and Most Famous Names you can think of.

Thank you, Jeff, for blowing my mind on the basis of extreme stellar mega-platinum value. All a person has to do after they join this membership is Take Action. That’s the one thing Jeff couldn’t do for his fellow marketers, but he has taken care of EVERYTHING else!

I am anticipating many pleasant hours of IM money-making education delivered at the highest and most useful level.i am thrilled and delighted with this resource. Way to go, brother!

Thank You, Jeff and Much Success to All.

by buddhabux - Premium Member
Thumbs Up For Best Service! 5

Thumbs up for best service–Jeff

I have been searching and researching online forums and websites for information and methods to broaden my own online bidding business as well as offline business of my family. During this period, Allen is the most responsive and responsible of ALL to always answer questions and give related information. I do appreciate that and believe in treating online business like a real business. Thanks Jeff and you are sure to thrive with this forum!

by misshang - Premium Member
I Am Impressed! 5

Hello Jeff,

I just signed up and did a real quick look around. I am especially impressed by… pretty much everything! The forum is very well done. I think my favorite so far is the Training Center though. I plan on spending a lot of time in there.

I would recommend this to anyone who lacks the knowledge and/or skills to succeed in their own online business.

I could go on, but I really want to get back to the site.

Thank you Jeff for this super opportunity.

by IMOHOLIC - Premium Member
It’s An Unbeatable Offer! 5

At this price tag it is pretty much free in my opinion. Has many resources , should keep anyone busy for months! I have so much information now that I joined!I would recommend this to anyone that wants to learn internet marketing!

It’s an unbeatable offer, you just get to much for the price. I still can’t believe I got so much for this price!! Best IM membership site, hands down.

Thanks Jeff for putting such a great site together!

by Leury - Premium Member
You Are Crazy For Making This Available At This Price! 5

I just got in. Thanks Jeff for this no brainer price! You helped me a lot. The training area has lots of resources and information and they all arranged nicely. Not only that, the tools are worth far more than this price.

I’ve been a member of a few membership sites before (most of them disappointed me) and i can say this one is given me more than i expected! You got the training and tools but you got the access to the forum so that you can ask and learn even more!

Jeff, you are crazy for making this available at this price. But you saved my DAY! Thank you!

by vern01 - Premium Member
I Can Truly Say There Is Something For Everyone! 5

I would like to leave a review on the site. I joined and can truly say there is something for everyone. The courses and videos on various ways to make money are worth more than the membership fee.

When you factor in everything else that is provided the price is nowhere near what others are charging.

Jeff great job with everything and see you inside. Thanks.

by drewcpappas - Premium Member
My Foremost Recommendation! 5

First off, I thank Jeff for putting this together. I was going to put up this review sooner but I had to check the IMPho Membership thoroughly before I submit my reviews.

I have seen all the reviewers have already pointed out what’s inside IMPho premium membership area and what benefits you’ll get when joining this membership.

When compared to the products you get in the downloads area, access to interactive Internet Marketing community and exclusive training, it’s just a penny on the dollar that you’ve ever spent for gaining IM knowledge.

You also get access to proprietary SEO and Website research tools save alone worth every penny of your investment.

My foremost recommendation to all those who are yet to make a decision is simply join this membership before the price is raised.

by John Dell - Premium Member
Does Jeff Casmer Know What He Is Talking About? 5

I remember Jeff emailing me over 12 years ago. He had discovered a technique a well known guru and I were using to get quality backlinks to our websites.

What impressed me about that was how smart he was at being an Internet spy and then implementing what he had learned to his benefit.

Case in point.

Jeff spent over 2 years working to get his “work at home” website to #1 on Google. Needless to say that was a very coveted spot for a highly searched keyword phrase.

Once he reached his goal he sold that site for over a $60K profit!

Jeff is interesting in that anything he sets his mind to do he will stick with until he figures it out and gets it done. I have no doubt his new adventure here at will be very successful as well and that he will help a lot of people make money for the first time online, or make more money then they are making now!

by Jeff Schuman - Premium Member
I Wish I’d Found IMPho Earlier! 5


by gestroud - Premium Member
Highly Recommended! 5

Hi Jeff,

Just bought the premium membership few minutes ago. I can see you really over deliver. The materials are really huge. The training center covers almost all the topics and tools needed to be successful in IM and offline world. Thanks for this great opportunity.

Highly recommended.

by stanu21 - Premium Member
WOW…Is All I Can Say! 5

WOW… all i can say.

Just the tools are worth more than I pay for this membership. The content in this site would take days to go through, and the forum is awesome. This is a no brainer purchase! Angelo

by classicmarketingmadness - Premium Member
A Real Winner Here! 5

Fantastic resource Jeff. The training area is easy to use and is jam packed with information. The SEO tools are located in an easy to use area of the site.

To top it off a Forum that is well established is available too!!!

A real winner here!!!

by roosters64 - Premium Member
Seriously A No-Brainer And Highly Recommended! 5

Hey Jeff,

Cant wait to go through this mammoth of a site that you have put up. Joined and I am here to post a review. Seriously a no-brainer for anyone looking to have success online and at this insane price, anyone sitting on the fence must be as well.

Highly recommended.


by Jason Chan - Premium Member
A Very Solid And Value-Packed Membership Site! 5

MY REVIEW: This is a very solid and value-packed membership site from a marketer who always overdelivers. Just the 1 to 1 coaching alone is worth the price of admission, and is a resource every marketer should have.

I mostly like that there are no surprises, no OTOs or other tricky gimmicks, just lots and lots of action-inspiring strategies and information.

I looked through the training material so far. Like most membership sites, the contents are drip-fed, month by month. This is helpful, since it keeps you from being overwhelmed.

Initially I was afraid that some of the materials would be too newbie-oriented, but that is not so. Even the introductory stuff had lots of tips and tricks I had not heard of – some nifty SEO tricks, for example.

The Community Forum is already full of many strategies, and the member downloads section is impressive – themes, WordPress plugins, articles, graphics – stuff you can use or giveaway as opt-in bonuses. The collection of tools includes many I had never seen before.

Then you have Jeff’s terrific ebooks in the Exclusive Reports section. Each is a full-blown, successful strategy that Jeff has honed and polished – and, best of all worlds, you get Allen’s 1 to 1 coaching if you have any questions.

All in all, a great package that will give tremendous value to any level of marketer.


by Michael Fiske - Premium Member
All I Can Say Is “WOW”! 5

Just joined and had a look around the members area..

The members area is simple and easy to navigate..But, click on each of the links and all I can say is wow!! There is so much information in each section and it is going to take weeks to absorb all of these..

The community forum looks impressive already with the content and I am sure it is going to get filed with more pure gold as we go along..

The member downloads section has so many valuable products! Some of them by itself are worth the membership fee…

The training area is well laid out and the weekly modules are easily navigated and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can keep journals for each training…Impressive! One can also see how much has been completed for each of the training modules. In the training center, other than the 20 week course there is so much information that I gave up after scrolling down for a while..Wealth of information in there covering almost any IM topic possible..

I had a quick look at the tools section…Tried out one of the tolls among the hundreds listed there, the keyword suggestion generator..Found that the results thrown up was very good…Can say that got my moneys worth from that single tool.

For any serious marketer, I highly recommend!

by skanoor - Premium Member
You Really Can’t Lose With This Membership! 5

I joined Jeff’s membership site, and for as little as he’s charging, you are getting a TON of Content. So, let’s start with the forum. It already has a bunch of content in it already dating back to September 2011. The Training Center sub-forum is great and offers lots of ideas to make money.

The downloads section is actually is actually worth the price of admission alone.

The training videos are great for beginners and intermediate IM marketers alike. They contain everything you need to know, including technical stuff.

The tools are also pretty cool with some great little features.

If you want to promote his membership site he gives you some awesome tools to do it including banners, text ads and landing pages. You also get exclusive access to a new money making report each month.

Finally, he’s offering his training course that appears to be 20 weeks long. It will cover everything from product creation, PPC, forum marketing, Joint ventures, outsourcing, etc. The list goes on and on. Oh, plus he’s offering 1-on-1 Coaching & Support which is crazy at that price.

All in all this is a bargain for what he’s offering. Just the downloads section alone is worth the cost of the membership. You really can’t lose with this super discounted and awesome IM training membership!

by tim254 - Premium Member
Amazing Amount Of Content (!) 5

After receiving access to the membership from Jeff I have spent the last couple of hours going through this monster! Amazing amount of content (!) all very nicely organized and easy to navigate inside the account.

Conclusion: This is a very well put together membership containing tons of useful information but organized in such a way as to keep you on track and productive and avoid information overload and (hopefully ) the “shiny object syndrome” trap. It could easily be all you would need to get a great start if you are just embarking on your IM career (or have embarked but are stuck in analysis paralysis). You could not only save yourself a bunch of money but also a serious amount of wasted time and frustration. For the price – and including support – this should be a no-brainer.

If you are an experienced online marketer there are several aspects of this membership that could easily be worth the price of admission depending on the resources you have at hand (among other things I am thinking the clickable tools list – even for offliners). In reality all you would have to do is sell a couple of memberships and you’re in for free. And I imagine your customers would even thank you for it

Thanks Jeff – Well done!

by mjones801 - Premium Member
All In All It Is Really Good! 5


by Eddie2012 - Premium Member
Been A Member For A Few Weeks And I Love It! 5


by snginc - Premium Member
The Definitive Facebook For Internet Marketers! 5


by kcwebguy - Premium Member
Barely Scratched The Surface And Already Very Satisfied! 5

There is an enormous amount of material in this membership covering almost everything you need to know. The 20 week IM training is extremely comprehensive and includes a lot of info that even after a whole year of self education in IM I had not even encountered let alone learnt.

Honestly, I have barely even scratched the surface of what is available and it will probably take me months to go through. The forum is excellent and I must remember that I am there to learn stuff for my business and do the training. I posted a couple of questions and they got answered very quickly and I submitted a support ticket and got a fast response (20 minutes I think).

The more I learn the more I realise that I need to keep learning and there is plenty in here to learn. At the price it is a tremendous offer as the value of the information is clearly many many times the price.

Just the module on building and managing websites is going to save me money because I will be doing stuff myself that I currently pay to get done… and there are dozens more! As I say, I have barely scratched the surface and already very satisfied.

Thanks Jeff!

by Rick Britton - Premium Member
IMPho Is A Breath Of Fresh Air! 5


by pindus - Premium Member
A Very Impressive Resource! 5


by paulf - Premium Member
A Complete IM Package … I Am Impressed! 5

I joined this membership and after taking a glimpse around i think this is something of a complete IM package i must say.All the tools,materials,videos are handed out stepwise for you to succeed.

This training is focused on newbies and also intermediate and advanced marketers and it delivers as promised. There is tonnes of info including some CPA stuff, tools that you don’t get for free usually. At this price your gonna get access to a system that is gonna increase your traffic,leads, Google rankings etc. the possibilities are just endless with the resources provided by Jeff and the best thing you can use them with Adsense, promoting Clickbank products, CPA offers etc.

There are different topic sections in the forum which complement their suitable categories and everything is literally spoon fed to you from beginning to end.There are also daily giveaways and ebooks for you to take advantage of.

I am quite impressed with whats inside the members area.

by Reddevil007 - Premium Member
In A Word … WOW! 5

In a word…WOW. The online marketing training area is very well organized and cleanly designed. No whiz bang graphics punching you in the face. Just the content you need to move successfully forward as an online marketer.

In my view the value of the training, member downloads , the tools (many of which are only available on a monthly fee basis else where) and the 1-on-1 support far exceeds what Jeff is charging for this offer.

I have no reservations recommending you join this program ASAP if you are a newbie. And for more experienced marketers who are earning income, the monthly profit models may be worth the fee alone for you in building additional profit streams.

A word of caution to refund bandits. This is not a membership model where you can join, download everything in sight and cancel your membership a day later and get everything there is to get. Because much of the tutorials beyond what is currently available are drip fed on a weekly or monthly basis.

Which works well because you can learn, implement, learn some more, implement and so on.

Very good job Jeff.


by rob54 - Premium Member
I Have 2 Words For You – Join Now! 5


by georgep1 - Premium Member
The Content Is Nothing Short Of Amazing! 5


by cwolfe177 - Premium Member
Great Offer That … Over-delivers … And Is Under-priced! 5

I have had a chance to go through Jeff’s offer … IMPho University.

The membership site is well laid out and easy to find the different modules.

The help that is received here is a newbie’s dream … even the more experienced Internet marketers, should find quite a bit of helpful information and golden-nuggets that can be used to greatly increase their bottom-line.

As an example, there are tons of videos, all are clear and easy to understand, each one will help you through your different tasks that are necessary for you to become a successful marketer.

Another thing that is included are several tools … all very helpful and some of them, I was not aware of.

The different strategies for making money in the IM arena that Allen is teaching …….. is explained in a step-by-step manner that is newbie friendly and very easy to understand.

I like the downloads too … there is a good value for each one, that exceeds the cost of this membership.

One of the best parts of the membership is your receiving 1-on-1 Coaching that will help you focus ….. on building your Internet marketing business, in the correct way … and being able to do it quickly.

If you have been looking around for a great offer that … over-delivers and is under-priced … look no further.

You are looking at one of the top memberships ever created … if you grab this one … you will probably not want to buy another course for quite a while.

All the best … Ron

by TheDebtEliminator - Premium Member
Well worth the price! 5

I have paid upwards of $500 for “coaching” elsewhere and I’m also a member of this site. I can say that by far I have learned more in IMPHO than anywhere else. Well worth the price. The 20 week training is great and so is the 30 day quick start. The tools and other bonus reports videos etc are all great as well.

by notquiteaguru - Premium Member
Best Investment I’ve Done This Year! 5

Hi Jeff,

After seeing so many reviews, I finally joined. Well, I would say, that this is the best investment I have done this year. The community has huge resources on every topic. I don’t think I have to look elsewhere now.

Thanks for putting everything together.

Looking forward to seeing you inside.

by sahuja - Premium Member
I Would Call It An Investment In Your Future! 5


by rcborkert - Premium Member
No One Should Miss This Opportunity! 5

Had a chance to go through the membership and i must say No One should miss this opportunity. There are so many tiny tips for getting High Page Rankings to your sites. These are only a few cases. The training and downloads are excellent and some of them are not heard of and really surprised me that Jeff has opened his membership site at a throw away price.

There is tons of information and several videos where every one can learn without fail.

Dont miss this Join and flock to the membership to access this valuable information which would be a great learning curve for all. Heenal

by Heenal - Premium Member
There Is An Enormous Amount Of Training & Tools In Here! 5

Hi Jeff,

First off, thanks for the great offer.

I have been a member for few days now and like a few have said i haven’t even scratched the surface of all the tools and training that is there. and there is also huge load of done for you resources.

This Membership will take you from Fresh faced spotty Marketer and grow you into IM Pro…hahaha. But on a serious note unlike most training like this. You get charged £££ and you get few pd’f and couple of videos told to go on your way!

There is an enormous amount of training and tools in here.

Allen really has covered every avenue in this and if you follow the training and stay focused, You will be rocking it!!

Allen also dose not just leave you on your own with all this training either hes always around the forum chatting and helping out and there’s all the other members about to so if your ever stuck or need help just holla in the forum.

Thanks again Jeff!

by Ian - Premium Member
Vast Amount Of Information! 5

I have just been into the membership area and had a look at the vast amount of information in there.There is enough material in there for anybody, no matter what their experience to learn something new to help drive their earnings forward.

I would generally like to go through most of it to give a more informed review but that would take another six months and then probably not get to everything.

There is so much that I will benefit from including the vast array of seo tools which are numbering well over FIFTY ! I cannot wait to get into those.

Jeff must surely have a huge success with this because it follows the principle that states if you can help enough people to be successful then it surely follows that you will reap rewards yourself.

by nige1 - Premium Member
Great Site & Great Value! 5

Hey Jeff,

I just signed up for the premium membership and took a look at everything this site offers and all I can say is “HOLY COW!” This site is crammed with so much information that I don’t think I will need to buy another IM product for about a decade.

Do you want a great Forum? CHECK its there and already populated with some excellent content.

Are you a NOOB and want to read and learn about IM? CHECK its there and I think there must be hundreds of pages of content.

Do you hate reading and want video? CHECK its there with 100s videos on every topic you can imagine and then 60 on WordPress. I think the WordPress videos are worth the price of admission alone.

Finally, do you need tools? CHECK, there appear to be 70+ feature rich tools.

So, the bottom line is if you want a training course + videos + tools + a cool forum then jump on this offer before Jeff comes back to his senses and prices this so that he is actually making money. This membership could easy be marketed at $997 and it would sell just as well because of the quality content.

Thanks once again for a great site and great value.

by moobunny - Premium Member
Lots Of Resources I Had Been Looking For! 5

I am a newbie. I was so excited when I saw this offer and for such a great price too! So I just had to take advantage of this great offer and when I checked it … true enough, it has a lot of resources that I had been looking for. Thank you so much!

by prsaputo - Premium Member
This Program WORKS 100 Percent! 5


by cezar - Premium Member
Tons Of Useful Materials! 5

It’s very great!!! Many tons of useful material exist here.

– Training courses & videos – Is very useful for newbie (especially me )
– Exclusive reports – Hope it will be special technique
– 20 week course – Since take a look in to table of content, it sounds great.
– 30 day challenge – Looking forward to start this one.
– Member downloads – I can’t believe, tons of quality stuffs. Cool!!!
– 1-on-1 support – Amazing offer at this price.

Although, I have just joined this membership after going through some of the class concepts and materials – I think it is very valuable for everyone. Begin with basic but useful stuff until more advanced techniques. Anything you want, it’s already provided.

Thanks Jeff, you done a very great job.

by Chirdpong - Premium Member
Great Organization! 5

Thanks Jeff for your invitation.

I just joined looks like a great organization. How to learn a lot from your members.

Looks like a perfect match for me.

Thanks. Joe

by jrahall - Premium Member
Been Using It For A While And I Love It! 5


by Jaegon - Premium Member
I Wish I Had Found This Two Years Ago! 5

I have purchased the premium membership of IMPho University and just had a look over the site. It looks very extensive and packed out with everything you could want. It is very well organised with content and even tracks your progress through all the tutorials available.

For my first look over, I cannot believe I have bought soooooo much value at this price. WHAT A BUY…..I wish I had found this two years ago!!! Jeff….you are a STAR!

PS…..I do not know Jeff or have ever spoken to him…but it will be my pleasure from here on in.

by Buslee - Premium Member
I Am Very Impressed! 5

I purchased several days ago and have been very impressed with the value of this membership. There are so many training videos available that it’s going to take me some time to go through them. Thanks for this value-packed offer.

by Ruth Hendrickson - Premium Member
All I Can Say Is “SHAZAM”! 5

Hi Jeff… I just purchased a membership today.

I’ve surveyed part of the material (there’s tons!) and am in the process of reading through week 1 of the the training course.

All I can say is “SHAZAM”! It’s amazing how much material you’re providing on such a breadth of topics and I can tell from what I’ve read in week 1 so far that you’re a straight shooter. Also: I know videos are all the rage and I’m glad to have access to the ones at IMPho, but I also appreciate having this much written material, too.

Thanks! Doug

by mojiden - Premium Member
A Complete IM Package. High Quality Stuff! 5

I had the chance to go through this IMPHO and I was really shocked to see all those materials and videos. This a high quality stuff by Jeff. I am sure there won’t be even one who would be disappointed after buying this membership.

I haven’t seen any such complete Internet marketing package placed under one roof. Even if you are complete newbie that shouldn’t be a problem for you since Jeff explains right from basic things like buying domain and etc.

The specialty of this would be 1 on 1 coaching which Jeff offers for all his members. I have been to other membership sites in past but not many offer 1 on 1 coaching till the end but Jeff is doing this.

Overall if anyone is planning to venture into this wonderful IM world then this should be the right place. IMO membership fee is not even 0.1% of the value of the resources you are going to get.


by Naveen K - Premium Member
I Feel A Sense Of Relief! 5

Hey Jeff,

First, a question…

How/Where/When did you find the time to put everything together?

I joined a few days ago and I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface of all that is available to me in the membership site.

I like the user-friendly format for the courses. The fact that this membership is so cheap, really surprises me. What I thought I was going to get, is way, way less than what you’ve put together.

I really have to commend you for all that you’ve done here. I already have a direction figured out thanks to the first part of the 20-week course.

I actually feel a sense of relief. Weird.

Thanks again Jeff….. this membership is great!


by Tony_Brayley - Premium Member
A Comprehensive Membership Site! 5

Jeff has created a comprehensive membership site that could be all that you need to succeed in IM – provided you follow the course outline, use the many assets provided on the site, and implement his techniques.

For the price, it is excellent value for money, and will only increase in value as the forum build’s content, and as the download section fills with previous products.

If you’re not succeeding currently in IM, you would do well to sign up. Focus on this for the next 6 months, rather than remaining on the perpetual treadmill of buying ebooks & courses – looking for that elusive push button money-making machine.

by Jeff Walters - Premium Member
What An Awesome Resource! 5

Hey Jeff,

Just joined. What an awesome resource. I know that I can finally succeed at Internet Marketing. There’s something for everyone.

Cheers!! Roman

by thezaz - Premium Member
An Extensive Resource For Internet Marketing! 5

Ok got the premium membership which has a lot of info. For the price I purchased it at, I can’t believe the value. represents an extensive resource for internet marketing especially for a noobie like myself.

I needed this, Thanks Jeff.

by Davon - Premium Member
Recommended Offer! 5

I got in into IMPho and here’s my review…Jeff has created a membership for internet marketers of all experience levels. It’s an ‘university’ so there’s material that teach you the basic until the most advanced topic. With investment below $50.. if you study it seriously, you can get it back within a month and make an exponential income .. a recommended offer!

by veeco - Premium Member
This Is An Incredible Resource! 5

This is an incredible resource. Jeff has set up a coaching program that anyone can succeed with. I’m really impressed with everything that has been revealed so far. I won’t go into great detail about what you’ll find, because posters above me have pretty well covered it. But it’s all there, just as they say.

There’s a lot of great detail in here, and I know that it will help me prosper. Great job, Jeff, and I’m looking forward to all that is to come.

by BenQ - Premium Member


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