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    does anyone here know the problem of my website πŸ™ my site is but even if you type “seoph” in google, its not showing πŸ™

    • Have you submitted your website to the search engines? If you haven’t, please do so and you will get indexed

    • cezar replied 6 years ago

      your site is indexed on google but is not ranking on the first page for the “seoph” keyword. have you done any SEO for it? your question seems odd coming from someone who sells SEO services.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Also what’s up with the keyword seoph? its only got 58 global searches a month with google’s keyword tool. Why rank for that keyword?

    • thanks for the reply miinhhich and cezar. Actually i didnt submit yet my website to search engines. But I already buy baclinks on wf . But nothings happen. Actually i built this site just to become a reseller of SEO services.

    • cezar replied 6 years ago

      oh..i see. it’s good that you’re already building backlinks and im sure you’ll start seeing results soon. SEO takes time…you cant expect to rank #1 on google overnight. be patient and keep working on it.

    • My site is 14months old. I already buy backlinks on it 10 months ago. Thats why I am confused why even its domain name “seop” is not ranking on google πŸ™

      • i see part of the problem. The keywords for your site are:

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    • thanks for the reply snginc. I will add seoph in my keyword list. is owned by private individual for sure thats expensive πŸ˜›

      • its a parked domain. you never know how much it is until you ask.

    • Private owner means only that he pays $2/year to hide his WhoIs details. You can still send him an email using the whois emails address which is usually long with lots of characters and ask him if he wants to sell the domain. I did it once and i bought the domain for $30.

    • thanks a lot for you help πŸ™‚ I will try to contact the owner πŸ™‚