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My name is Jasmine Huang. I am from Taiwan.

I start making money online by doing auction in my country. I started out nicely in 2011, earned my first 2000USD in the first month. However, owing to my lack of business acumen (no back-end products to promote) and decreasing traffic in the auction site, this business gradually declining, though the products are first class and best quality. I decided to try others ways to making money online from April’ 2013.

My first business: http://class.ruten.com.tw/user/index00.php?s=yifenjhuang

I started my journey form Warrior Forum, and learned many possible ways of making money online, paid or free. I have bought many WSO products, joined many paid sites, and lured by gurus to try their products. I have spent over 3000 on products and tested with my own money (twice as much I guess) to verify whether they work or not. If they don’t work for me, if they don’t increase my traffic, if they don’t earn my money, I won’t tell you it will. What you read is what I have learned from my own time and money implementing what I have heard and bought. Please don’t take it lightly, for it will save you tons of time and money.

I am most interested in domain investment, product creation, and teaching people how to make money online. I am building my own udemy and youtube tutoring channels and I will provide free access for m readers when started. Please subscribe to my blog for future announcement.