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Tsu Social Network
tsū is a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenues with its users.

Onebiz Traffic Wave Tube Portal
The 2×7 Building Blocks Of The OneBiz Traffic Network
OneBiz is an innovative cloud service for fully automated content and traffic building on the internet. It makes possible the distribution of one’s own content, such as blog posts, expert articles, videos, press releases, social news, audio files, documents and other digital contents.




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Finally the time has come! Starting this company’s history was as exciting as living through a thriller, we received amazing reactions during its first presentation at the Internet-Marketing-Kongress in spring 2014 and right after a large scale roadshow throughout Germany, Austria and Siwtzerland. The new cloud based service for fully automated content, traffic and link building will soon be ready.

What started as a “beta variation for a limited amount of members, to guarantee system stability within this transitory phase and finish of last tests, has now become finalized. The best elements from the worlds of affiliate marketing, content marketing, franchising, network marketing, MLM and gamification were deeply molded in a viral system and united in a new platform for traffic and visitor generation.

All your future campaigns may in the future become united into a fully automated, time saving and powerful single platform which is under your control. The cloud service will enable you to do 2 things. First you will be able to automate traffic creation for your own projects, by adding desirable content in a time controlled manner across the internet. Secondly you will enjoy a multi layered commission and bonus system based upon network marketing, which in its kind will be absolutely unique. For affiliates, MLMers and investors who are interested in passive income this will constitute a huge chance!

Before launches in July of 2014, interested people, affiliates, networkers, future customers or investors will have the opportunity to secure an excellent starting position within this multi layered commissions and bonus program. Independent of whether and how you will personally utilize OneBiz. Build yourself and your team NOW and until the official launch of OneBIz so you will have a powerful team. Help your team understand, how and for what OneBiz will later be utilized and train your team to learn how it may grow and duplicate the process.

You will receive extensive guidelines, training videos, immediately usable advertising means with your affiliate link, as well as a little “help” from the OneBiz team itself, which has built one of of the largest launches within German marketing industry. Attention and driving force which will be created on the market will help you to build your team structure in turbo mode and to build an attractive and passive income long term. And if that does not help, then the so called “spill over” effect will help which will mean that your team layers will automatically be filled as part of our promotion as the founders.

Your best bet would be to start NOW, because the higher up you are within the structure, the stronger the spill over effect will become and the more lucrative things will be for you and your team. Utilize the growing attention around OneBiz on the internet, grab a large cup of coffee and follow the advice below for the next 30 days. This could be the best month of your life.

Visit the official blog, subscribe to OneBiz’s newsletter, watch all current video trailers and read both of the 2 official ebooks.

Activate your bonuses, ebooks, discounts, incentives and entry tickets for OneBizCON in the “Challenge” area. Every collegaue or friend whom you invite, will bring you closer to the bonuses, will generate more points during the 175.000€ contest which is running alongside and will be accounted to your own personal team infrastructure.

In order to build as large a team as possible for the challenge until the official start of OneBiz, you will need to activate as many bonuses as possible and generate a lot of points for the whole contest. If you will utilize the many professionally created and immediately utilizable advertising means by OneBiz it will be more likely that you will succeed. You may of course adjust or edit those and share them in an orchestrated way with your online team.

On 15.11.2014 the second OneBizCon will take place in Berlin, Germany. Be a part of it! You will soon receive further information!

The road to OneBiz has been determined. The company will be built systematically and step by step into an online and offline based international franchise system within the areas of entrepreneurship and marketing. You and your team will participate within digital services and the cloud based service, but also in the online and offline based multi layered commissions and bonus program which will be utilized by thousands of local franchise branches worldwide. These will in turn generate new customers and add them to your OneBiz System downline. A whole new dimension of franchising and network marketing, and a huge chance for clever affiliates, MLMers, Customers, Entrepreneurs and investors, you have recognized the signs of the times!

The best of the worlds of affiliate marketing, content marketing, franchising, network marketing, MLM and gamification was molded deeply into a fractally growing and strongly virally conceived system to create a whole new platform for traffic and visitor generation. Every online and offline business in the world will require our kind of service in the near future. The building of a franchise system which can be cloned, not only expands the reach of’s distribution, but will also transform compensation structures and passive commissions for the coming years. Start RIGHT NOW! This could become the best month of your life!