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Instant On-Page SEO Review

This tool shows you everything that could be wrong with your on-page SEO, and provides information about how you might be able to make it better. To be sure it’s a valid URL, copy and paste right from your browser address bar, since redirected pages will not function. Please be patient as the full analysis […]

Backlink Search Engine

This search engine is EXTREMELY GOOD at finding the backlinks you need! NO MORE cutting and pasting Backlink search queries into Google! Just use this tool and let it do the searching for you! It’s a great time-saver and I’m sure you will LOVE it!

Keyword Rank Checker

This tool allows you to get a true representation of the position Google (SERPs) to your website for your targeted keywords, and all this in real-time. It is fast, intuitive and returns actual accurate results.

Anchor Text/Link Variation

This tool allows you to enter a list of URLs on the left side, then a list of varied anchor text on the right side, press the button, and get the .html code for every possible variation of those links and landing pages. Then, simply paste them where needed, or, give the raw code to […]

Keyword List Multiplier

Do you need to create a list of multiple keyword phrases, all annotated with every possible variation of city, state, industry specialty, or anything else? This tool allows you to use a variable in each column, and then automatically multiplies and combines them into a new line. Instructions: In the first column add a list […]

Best Page Determinator

This tool uses Google’s API to tell you which page on your site ranks highest organically, and therefore, is also the most likely to be given a higher Quality Score by the AdWords team. You can use it to find out which page on your site ranks highest organically or naturally for a particular keyword.

RSS Feed Editor

Control the look, content, character count, and even the font and colors for any RSS feed you want to display on your page. Just paste the RSS feed URL and press the button, trying .php first. Then tweak the settings it until you think it looks good, and generate your code again. Paste the code […]

Bulk URL Response Checker

You can check a number of URL’s all at once to see which pages are are redirected, which might be 404 errors, etc. Pretty slick. The easiest way to use this tool is simply to sort here on the webpage, and see what 404 or 302 pages you come across, and then copy / paste […]




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